Our 36-class session runs from September to June. Payments are divided equally into 10 installment payments. This means that the same monthly payment is due regardless of the number of classes in a particular month. Absence in a short month does not entitle a student to a discount. Payment must be paid the 1st class of the month. Payments may be paid in the form of check, cash or credit card . A $35 late fee will be applied to all late payments. There is a $25 fee for all returned checks.
All new students fill out a registration form and pay a $30 registration fee to cover secondary insurance policy. Registration fee is paid annually in September. The registration fee in non-refundable and cannot be applied to classes.
Team is an invitation only program. Students who excel in the areas of strength, speed, agility, flexibility, attitude and work ethic are invited to participate in out trial class program. This class is designed to be an introduction to competitive team.
We offer a free trial class to all new students. This is to insure that your child will love her class. If, after a number of classes, your child decides not to continue, you simply use up the classes you have paid for. Then you are free of any further financial obligation.
Every class has a range of abilities amongst the students. We try to keep this range as small as possible. However, sometimes a child either excels or falls behind in the class. Most of the time the teacher will see this trend and bring it to your attention. However, if you think it has happened to your child, bring it to our attention. We will observe the class closely and propose classes with a better fit for your child.
Yes! Our end of the year show is called Exhibition. Exhibition is our student’s opportunity to showcase what they have learned throughout the year. Parents are invited into the gym to observe and videotape the show. It is presented in a gymnastics meet type format. The older students are given the opportunity to create their own routines to music. For the younger students, their coach will choreograph the routines, provide music and walk the children through the routine. It is a wonderful way to see the incredible progress your child has made.