A $30 registration fee is paid annually at the time of registration. This fee is non-refundable and cannot be applied to classes. Artistic’s session runs from September until June.  Each session’s tuition is divided equally into 10 installment payments. This means that the same monthly payment is due regardless of the number of classes in a particular month.  A credit card must be kept on file to insure your child’s spot in class.  Payments are due by the 20th of each month for the following month’s tuition.  If payment is not received by the 27th of the month, Artistic Gymnastics will charge the credit card on file.  There is a $25 fee for all returned checks. All make-ups must be done within a month from the date missed or they are lost. There is absolutely no refund, reduction in tuition, nor a credit towards another month or session for missed classes. Withdrawal from any of Artistic Gymnastics’ program must be made, in writing, 30 days before the child stops attending.

Toddler – Mommy and Me – Age 18-36 months

A mother assisted program, this toddler class is designed to develop your child’s physical and social abilities through body movement and group participation. Students will develop strength, coordination and self-confidence in a caring fun environment. Mother and child are encouraged to use all the preschool equipment and join the organized play. A wonderful first gymnastics experience. Classes are 1 hour.

Recreational Gymnastics for Pre-school – Age 3-5 years old

This class is an excellent follow up to the Mommy and Me program or a wonderful first gymnastics experience. Students will begin to explore the sport of gymnastics using various fun and exciting activities. In addition to gymnastics equipment students will use the Tumbl-Trak, ropes and various skill shapes. The Pre-school program develops balance, flexibility, eye-hand coordination and gross and fine motor skills. Most importantly, students learn an “I can” attitude, which will cross over into their daily life. Classes are 1 hour.

Recreational Gymnastics for School Age Children – Age 5 and up

This is a great continuation of the pre-school program or a excellent introduction to the world of gymnastics. Classes are grouped by ability and age. Students learn exciting routines which are designed to help them progress through gymnastics skills. Emphasis is on the use of gymnastics equipment to enhance each student’s strength and coordination. Each student’s progress is assessed every five months and classes are arranged to meet the needs of each child. Boys and girls are grouped separately for these classes. Classes are 1 ½ hours.

Boy’s Agility – Age 5 and up

The boys agility class was created for the boy who wants to learn to fly! This class teaches coordination and strength combined with traditional tumbling techniques. Our boys learn to cartwheel, back flip, front flip and back handspring in a safe, fun environment. Our boys also learn how to maneuver over and through obstacles. Classes are 1 ½ hours.

Tumbling/ Acro Class – Age 8 and up

Tumbling – As the sport of cheer leading grows in popularity, the need for high quality tumbling instruction increases. At Artistic Gymnastics, we offer the highest quality tumbling with our safety certified instructors. Don’t trust just anyone with your child’s safety. Our knowledgeable instructors will train your child in round-offs, back handsprings and the various salto skills. We also incorporate numerous strength activities to build the muscles necessary for tumbling. Classes are 1 ½ hours.
Acro – Dancers looking to increase the difficulty of their routines can count on Artistic Gymnastics to teach proper technique in aerials, back and front walkovers, back hand springs and back tucks.  Knowledgeable coaching will reduce the wear and tear on your dancers joints by utilizing our tumble trak, spring floor and pit to help your dancer impress with her wide array of skills and beautiful form. We also incorporate numerous strength activities to build the upper body muscles necessary for acro. Classes are 1 hour.

Advanced Recreational and Varsity Gymnastics

Advanced recreational class is designed for the gymnast who is interested in working out like a team gymnast, without the stress of competitions.  This 2 or 3 hour class is the perfect place for the recreational gymnast who want to take his/her gymnastics skill to the next level and gymnast’s who are on scholastic teams and wish to stay in shape during the off season. Gymnasts in this program MUST have intermediate gymnastics experience. Varsity gymnastics is the highest level of our advanced recreational class.

Varsity Tumbling Class – Age 12 and up

This is a wonderful advanced version of our amazing tumbling class.  Tumblers learn more advanced flipping skills such as round-off back handspring back tucks and back layouts. Front handspring front tuck and layout will also be worked. Twisting skills are introduced and perfected.  Independent round-off backhand spring and front handspring a must for entry into this class. Classes are 1 ½ hours.

Private Lessons

Looking to improve on a certain skill or simply have fun learning new and different skills? Students enrolled at Artistic Gymnastics are invited to book a private lesson with their favorite instructor. Call for pricing and availability.

The Following Classes are by Invitation Only:


Trial Class

Students who excel in the areas of strength, agility, flexibility, attitude and work ethic are invited to participate in our trail class program. This class is designed to be an introduction to competitive team. Classes are 2 hour 2x/week.

Advanced Recreational/Varsity Gymnastics

This program is designed to meet the needs of the more advanced gymnast who is not interested in competing but wants to continue developing her skills. Classes are 3 hours.


Level Copper & up


Women’s Level 3 – 10

Men’s Level 4-10